March Events

Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Sunday, March 16 Get your green on for what is reputedly the largest St. Patrick’s … [Continue Reading]

OBX Pride Fest

The Salt Shaker: Celebrating Local Food with Amy Huggins Gaw

Welcome signs of spring in the Outer Banks food world It is during this fragile time, when minutes seem to vacillate between … [Continue Reading]

Local oysters, also known as Crassostrea virginica.

Paddle Power

Paddling a kayak is an ideal way to experience the natural Outer Banks. By Michelle Wagner Slipping into the water, … [Continue Reading]

kayaking outer banks

Coast Life

Homeowners Insurance: Will a proposed rate increase unfairly target coastal residents? By Michelle Wagner Outer Banks … [Continue Reading]

Coast Locals

Outer Banks Inner Journey   Meet Shirley Parker and Rosie Rankin, two local women who are focused on helping … [Continue Reading]

2-28-14 Coast Feature Outer Banks Inner Journey Photo 2

Outside the Box: Art with Mary Ellen Riddle

There's a little artist in all of us. Learn about the best artists and shows - you will be pleasantly surprised. There's a … [Continue Reading]


Beach Bites

Hungry? Don’t miss our favorite choices to please the palate. If nothing tempts you, check out our dining listings from … [Continue Reading]


OBX Fishing

There are plenty of fish in the sea, don’t let them get away. Get the scoop on what bait to use and when and where to catch … [Continue Reading]


On The Water

And we mean “on the water.” Surfing on the waves, a calm kayak adventure or windsurfing on the sound. It’s all here. … [Continue Reading]

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